Overview of key commercial invoice data element categories
In order to clear your shipments with Customs authorities and avoid clearance delays, fines or penalties, it is essential that the following information is provided completely and accurately.
# Data Element Category Example
1 Shipper & Exporter of Record (EOR) Shipper & Exporter of Record (EOR): John Shipper | Road Name, No | Zip Code | Country
Receiver & Importer of Record (IOR) Receiver:
Paul Receiver | Road Name, No | Zip Code | Country
Importer of Record (IOR):
Tom Importer | Road Name, No | Zip Code| Country
2 Contact
(e-mail, mobile number)
John.Shipper@email.com | +49 3456789
Paul.Receiver@email.com | +49 7654321
Tom.Importer@email.com | +49 6478391
3 Registration Number Number: 12345678910
Type Type: EORI Number
Issuing country Issuing Country: Germany
4 Type (Business / Private) Type: Private or Commercial , B2C or B2B
Reason for Export Reason for Export: Repair and Return
5 Line Item Goods Description Sunglasses with lenses optically worked
Line Item HS Code for Export / Import Line 9004.10.XXXX* (*last digits are country-specific)
Item Country of Origin Turkey
Line Item Quantity and Measure 3 units (sunglasses)
6 Goods Line Item Value & Currency Goods Line Item Value: EUR$150 (x 3 units)
Total Other Monetary Amount Insurance: EUR$ 25
Total Freight Value & Currency Total Freight: EUR$ 50
Total Invoice Value & Currency Total Invoice: EUR$ 525
Incoterm and Place Incoterm: EXW Place: Istanbul / Turkey
7 Total Gross Weight & Unit 0.5 kilograms (KG)
Total Net Weight & Unit 0.3 kilograms (KG)
Packaging Plastic bag
Payment term Advance payment
Incoterms exWorks
8 WB Number WB Number: 123456789
Customs Document Date Customs Document Date: July 22nd 2020
Type and ID Type: Commercial Invoice | ID: 98765543