Data Transmission best practice
Data have to be transmitted before dispatching the goods

Electronic data transmission - how does it work?

  • Use our templates
  • Sign our templates
  • Transmit them before shipping of goods

CMR, Bill of Lading, Air Waybill and Proforma Invoice are necessary in order to retrieve required information for customs procedures.

When the goods first cross the customs border an „Entry Summary Declaration“ (ENS, also ESumA) has to be submitted to the EU customs authorities at the first office of entry. Then Customs performs a risk analysis in order to be able to decide at an early stage on measures (e.g. loading ban, inspection).

The ENS is lodged to the ICS (Import Control System). This system is used acress the EU in order to
• Lodge and process the ENS
• Exchange electronic messages between customs administrations, economic operators and the European Commission

The ICS ensures that import operations starting in one member state can be completed in another member state without resubmitting the ENS. The ENS will undergo risk assessment and any appropriate safety and security data will be passed tot he other member state.

Finally IMPOST allows to process the e-commerce bulk business on the customs side in an efficient manner. As soon as the VAT due is declaired the goods can be cleared for free circulation.