IOSS fiscal representation and fulfillment services for Non-EU online merchants

VAT compliance and logistics efficiency is our business.

Our Clients

We are aware of the fact, that we are offering rather specific services which match preferably with clients characterized by these criteria:

E‑commerce merchants
From outside EU
Small to medium in size
Selling to private customers
Goods up to 150 € net

Our Service

Besides tax-compliance and logistics we also offer assistance for the optimization of web-shop performance within the EU.

Import clearance
VAT compliance in the EU
Delivery logistics to final EU customer
Return service
Web site optimization

Your advantage

Our full scale service allows the client to fully concentrate on his clients, products, the overall market and the attractivness of his webshop.

All-in-one solution for EU market
Minimized back-office routines
No extra stock within EU
On-site support for customers
No hassle with multiple contact partners

Add-ons for success in E-commerce on the EU market!

We offer to take care of your internet appearance. Talk to us about your needs!

with how many stars clients rate us
Rating by the customers
Customer evaluation
success in e-commerce with appropriate keywords
E-commerce keywords
How to be found be EU-clients
do we comply with legal requirements
Legal framework for online-shop
do we comply with gdpr
EU data protection
is our wording correct
Make sure your text are well understood
how do we compete successfully
Your performance compared to competitors within EU

About Import-One-Stop-Shop and fulfillment services

Step by step

IOSS scheme

The IOSS scheme simplifies VAT collection for businesses selling goods to EU customers by allowing the non-EU supplier to pay VAT based on the EU-customer's home country by using only one VAT ID.
The IOSS scheme is optional, but businesses that choose to use it can benefit from reduced red-tape and improved customer experience.
The IOSS scheme helps businesses avoid potential delays and additional costs for customers that could occur if VAT is not collected or is collected by the customer's local authorities upon delivery. Additional information can be found on this EU-site.

Compliance: We refrain from a range of imports

Certain goods are subject to restrictions or even prohibitions when imported into the EU on general and Germany in particular. More information on import measures (and also tariffs) for products imported into the EU can be found on the sites of the European Commission and the German Customs. Here is the respective EU-Link and the Link to the German Customs site.

IOSS Documents: Essential invoice data

Get familiar with the necessary IOSS related invoice data for streamlined cross-border transactions. Optimize your documentation process for swift Customs clearance thereby avoiding delays at the border.

IOSS Documents: Transport data

Transport documents are essential to all international trade transactions. These documents are issued by the shipping line, airline, international trucking company, railroad, freight-forwarder or logistics company.
To the shipping company or freight forwarder provide an accounting record of the transaction, instructions on where and how to ship the goods and a statement giving instructions for handling the shipment.

Data Transmission

After having filed all the necessary documents that have to be sent in time to us, so that we can start the import process. Working with Atlas-Impost we can handle a nearly unlimited number of items.

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